In addition to writing her books, Annalise offers several author services.


TikTok for Authors Marketing Package

Buy my book, Promote Your Book or eBook on TikTok

I will share a short video of your book on my TikTok reader account (@AnnaliseReads). This TT account has been specifically curated to #BookTok. I ONLY interact with other bookish accounts. This shows the algorithm that my account is about books and readers, and thus shows MY posts to bookish users as well.

I will use BookTok hashtags and other hashtags related to your niche for the best chance at placement in the FYP (for your page) of users interested in reading your book.

Regular orders include your book cover image and/or promotional images. They do not include my face or me talking live about your book.


  • I will need your book image cover
  • Any promo images you might have (if you have them)
  • Link to purchase your book
  • Book blurb or description

I will deliver a link to your post(s) on completion.

*A share does not guarantee sales or downloads but I do my best to overdeliver and give your book the best shot at getting noticed by readers who would want to download/buy it


Share your book on my TikTok – $10



Share your book on my TikTok (video with my face, talking about your book) – $20



Review your book (must provide a copy of the book) – $20

*Paid reviews are against Amazon’s TOS. You are paying to book a slot in my reading calendar. I am reviewing your book for free, as a courtesy.  



Content Audit for your TikTok account – $100

Want me to take a look at your existing BookTok account



The Whole Shebang! – $175

You want it all? This is the package for you!

5x regular shares on TikTok

2x shares with my face

Content Audit for your TikTok account



Help crafting a title and/or subtitle for your book

I will write a creative title or subtitle for your book for you. I can write from scratch or rewrite an existing title for you.


Help researching Amazon keywords


Write your book’s blurb


Professional convert your manuscript with Vellum

Professional formatting is a separate service and billed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me for a quote. 


Write your author bio


I will write a short bio for you, based on the information you provide. This can be used for websites, blog posts, guest posts, ebooks, standard books, research, and reports, or anywhere else you need to include a brief bio for yourself.

Many people find it difficult to write about themselves, even professional writers. But a professional bio is important for a lot of reasons, in a variety of places.

It will help people get to know you when published to your website or social media profiles. It’s also important if you are a guest speaker or guest poster with another company. If you’ve been asked to present at an event, you will be asked to submit a professional bio.

You may need a bio for networking; your company or personal website; a listing in a professional directory; the blurb at the top or bottom of articles you write; publicity materials if you do public speaking; when applying for corporate boards; and the author page of your book.

Whatever you need your bio for, I am here to help.

Note: Please tell me if you’d like your bio to be written in 3rd person or 1st person.



Annalise is a retired copywriter of 21 years turned fiction author. She has written over 65 books under her own pennames and ghostwritten hundreds of books for clients. She is experienced in Kindle Direct publishing for ebooks and print, as well as other self-publishing and Indie publishing platforms. She also has experience with pitching traditional publishers and selling ebooks and print books directly from an author’s website or speaker/coaching platform.