It takes a special kind of woman to do what I do – kissing monsters.
To stare into the eyes of a monster and not flinch was a task in and of itself. But to let one kiss you… to go to bed with one… It was a dangerous job, but a rewarding one when completed successfully.
There’s a good reason I’m so good at my job: I was born for this. Literally. I left fear behind me in my childhood. Adult Effie gave no fucks. I was a force to be reckoned with, certainly.
But I was in this for something more. Something long-term. A fated mate who would give me something none of the others had been able to provide – love, peace, and eternity to rule by his side.
My own monster Prince Charming, like a needle in a haystack of wicked fun.
So far, I’d been at this for a number of years to no avail. Ever since that first monster came to me when I was 18 years old.
Now I was staring down the eve of my 35th birthday and my special someone had yet to appear in my life. I was beginning to wonder if he even existed. Maybe everything that fortune teller had told me was a bunch of BS; stories she made up for naïve people like me because she had bills to pay, too.
But if that were true, how did she know about the monsters?
Now it would all come to a head with a chance meeting, some monsters who break the rules, and a prophecy that didn’t quite mean what I thought it meant.
My name is Effie and tonight I’m dancing with the devil.
This book contains sexual scenes and adult themes and is meant for readers 18+.